Rabu, 31 Mac 2010


When the heart is the heart that one said? When the heart is the heart that loved one? When the heart receives is the heart of one? When the heart is the heart of everything said about the guilty??
Restless heart ...
Sometimes the things that we think it is the best we are no longer the best for us because there is a better future for us because it is the best of the best ...
Sometimes I find things as easy as that for the giving and receiving is also seeking a similar sense of unpredictable ..
Love does not mean that we love having him, because he loved the best was to sacrifice himself or for himself, not easy to give those we care for those who never know ... we find ourselves is the best looking person can not once we know ourselves to have it unexpectedly became a heart will belong to us ... all the things we think really sweet, sweet someday because sometimes it is sweet but a little while, the longer it will reduce the sweetness until it is so different taste ... it did not pass seabadinya eternal love and show your love for God ... what a woman should have to, be yourself, such as women, children solehah solehah seeking is not the best because it is you think is the best If you want to have the works you should be the solehah, it is difficult to change but are the best,